Winter Blooms

It's a cold, cold week, isn't it? All over the place I'm hearing about schools closing, pipes freezing, and freak cold fronts sweeping the nation. It's mighty cold here - I've taken to knitting socks like a madwoman to keep my feet warm - but it's *only* about 5 degrees colder than normal. 

Even so, that's still pretty darned cold, plus we've got that smog to contend with. Luckily, I planned ahead for this. Around Christmas, I bought an amaryllis at the grocery store, and it's just now coming into bloom.

And, drumroll please, this is the first year that I've forced narcissus on my own. Some people hate their cloying smell, but I love it. Whenever I catch a whiff when I walk by them, I think of springtime. And how could you not love these sweet little blooms?

This one just coming into bloom now, and I've got a whole army of pots that are in various stages of getting ready to bloom. Hopefully they'll see me all the way through these cold January weeks.

How are you keeping warm?

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