Mermaid Scales Socks

There's something about unraveling a knitting project that just takes all the steam out of me. It's momentum, really, and it's why I do everything I can to forge ahead. That's why most of my socks don't really match - I love to use self striping yarns, but I've only managed to make the stripes line up twice. Usually I just embrace the quirkiness of a pair of socks that almost match, but not quite.

On this pair of socks, however, I wanted to make the stripes line up. I thought I had the problem solved. But I had it exactly backwards. They didn't even come close to matching. Whoops.

So in the spirit of forging ahead, I decided I'd finish both socks, then buy a second ball of the same color and end up with two matching pairs. Great plan, right?

Only one problem: when I got to the LYS, they were out of yarn. Not totally out of yarn, just out of my color. So, ripping back was my only option. Of course, that threw a wrench in my momentum, and these socks were a drag for a couple of days. 

I'm glad I pressed on and finished them when I did  - we were staying at a hotel with an indoor swimming pool, so that presented the perfect photo op.  Though I will say this - taking selfie sock photos over a large body of water is not the safest situation for any camera, and I was a bit nervous.  But, just like pressing ahead to finish the socks, I was glad I took the extra time to take these pictures!

Ravelry project page here.


  1. Well those are fun! That's the magic of self striping socks is that they are allowed to be a little cookey. Plus they go in shoes where they can look like whatever and it's all good. I've gotten them to match up a few times but it is quite difficult. You really have to study the length of stripes and divide the yarn in half starting at the same stripe.

    1. Thanks! They're on my feet right now. So warm!