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I'm overwhelmed by the positive response to Ice Glider ... my very first published knitting pattern. It just confirms that I want to be designing more!

This weekend I did a little bit of everything...cooking, catching up on housework, knitting, working on some other projects, reading, and sleeping. I slept 12 whole hours Saturday night, which means that I must have really needed it. I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend. Here are some links that caught my eye this weekend:


I'm in love with this pattern. It's not a garment I would normally buy, but I have a good feeling about this one...


We don't have glass recycling here, which is a shame. I have plant nannies, which put quite a few old wine bottles to use, but I'm itching to try some more DIYs with wine bottles. The biggest hitch is getting the labels off. Some peel off easily, while others are a bear. You can bet I'll try this tutorial next time I need to peel labels off bottles.


I never did jump on the pallet gardening train...mostly because I worried they'd look too silly (and that the dog would tear all the plants out...ahem). But I love this idea of turning a pallet into shelving for potted herbs. Is it spring yet?


When Mike and I were in Italy, we had some amazing gluten-free pizza. The crust was so chewy and delicious, we had to double-check to make sure it was gluten-free. (It was. More about it soon.) Since then, I've been searching for a recipe to try. This one's next on the list

What caught your eye over the weekend?

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