In Love with a Mediterranean Climate: Plants in the Streets

When we went to Italy, the first thing I noticed was plants. They were everywhere! Spilling from balconies, planted in public parks, growing out of walls, on restaurant patios. Everywhere I looked,there were plants. Each week, I’m sharing a different aspect of the plants I saw in Italy. Last week it was plants filling up balcony spaces. This week, I’m sharing plants that spilled out onto the street!

There isn't much dirt on the ground in Italian least, not the ones we visited. So gardeners have to use pots, and the first rule of container gardening is to go big! That's what this street gardener did with these bushes.

But sometimes, you have to go small, like the moss below this neat water fountain.

My favorite place in all Italy was San Gimignano, where we saw this walled garden, not to mention the vines on the house to the right.

At the edges of San Gimignano, was this house with its garden spilling out onto the street...

...As well as these potted plants lining the stairway between buildings

In Venice, the streets are literally made out of water. And this restaurant, like many others, had boxes overhanging its outdoor eating area right over the canal. (And look at all that produce on display!)

Also in Venice, we saw quite a few private gardens spilling out into the street, like this one:

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