In Love with a Mediterranean Climate: Fruit Everywhere

When we went to Italy, the first thing I noticed was plants. They were everywhere! Spilling from balconies, planted in public parks, growing out of walls, on restaurant patios. Everywhere I looked,there were plants. Each week, I’m sharing a different aspect of the plants I saw in Italy. Last week it was plants spilling into the streets. This week, I’m sharing the fruit we saw hanging on trees.

How would you like to walk outside and just pick your afternoon snack off a tree? Sign me up! 

Grapevines aren't just for wineries - we saw some grapes just begging to be eaten in Venice.

In Siena, there was a farmer's market that I was just dying to visit. Unfortunately, the tour guide didn't think that was touristy enough.

At Murano, where they make their world famous glass, I saw this pomegranate tree.

And there were oranges everywhere. When the oranges get ripe, the leaves often fall off the tree. I thought it looked like an orange Christmas tree.

And then there was this little plant on my patio in Rome. Anybody know what it is? My guess is an ornamental pepper, but I'm not sure.

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