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Last weekend Mike and I went to Cedar City, Utah, mostly to get out of the bad air that has kept me holed up inside all winter. (I'm not kidding when I say I can't breathe here...) We went on a couple of hikes, checked out the local winery, ate at our favorite Utah BBQ joint (they've got gf options!), and had a Harry Potter marathon back at the hotel. It was so nice to be able to breathe and bask in the sun, if only for a day and a half. Pollution from fossil fuels is real, people, and it doesn't just affect China and LA. Anyways, here are some links that caught my eye last week:


The sock and blanket knitting continues apace, but I have yet to pick a sweater to knit. In the land of distractions, the name and subject matter of this knitting pattern echo my sentiments exactly.


One of my goals this year is to start making my own lotions. In addition to being gluten intolerant, I'm allergic to nuts, so I have to be very careful about what I put on my skin. (Usually allergic reactions are to proteins, which aren't supposed to be found in oils, but I prefer to be super-cautious.) I've discovered that the missing ingredient in my homemade lip balm was probably calendula, so that will be going into the next batch, as well as into lotions. This recipe looks promising for a future hand lotion.


Most of my houseplants are migrants - plants that I'll send back outside once the weather gets warm enough. I've always thought most common houseplants looked a bit ... generic, but I'm reconsidering. Many common houseplants are exceptionally good at filtering toxins out of the air and providing oxygen. We've got an air filter running 24/7, but I'd love to have the more natural kind as well.


I LOVE lemon bars. They're so bright and sweet and tart all at the same time. I'm sure there's a gluten-free version around there somewhere, but I'm itching to convert this one to be gluten-free. Shouldn't be too complicated.

What caught your eye over the weekend?

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