In Search of the Perfect Coleslaw

I live in Utah. Not much in the way of coleslaw in the grocery stores here, not even in the summertime. If there's anything at all, there's the mysterious lime green glop in the plastic containers. Ick.

I consider myself somewhat of a coleslaw connoisseur. It should be sweet and tangy. I prefer a mayonnaise-based sauce. I like raisins, but they're not a dealbreaker. There should be onions, but not too many. The cabbage should be shredded thin, but not chopped so fine that it falls through your fork and you have to eat it with a spoon.

Since I couldn't find the perfect coleslaw recipe, I cobbled together one of my own. This sauce is so delicious...but I won't actually admit to eating it with a spoon. That would be gross. The coleslaw pairs perfectly with the barbeque of your choice.


  • 1 small head cabbage, finely shredded
  • 1 small onion, finely chopped
  • 2 small carrots, grated
  • 1/4 c raisins
  • 3/4 c apple cider vinegar
  • 3/4 c sugar
  • 3 egg yolks, broken
  • 3 T butter
  • 1 c mayonnaise
  • 1 c heavy cream
  • 1/2 t celery seed
  • 1/4 t dried ground mustard

Combine cabbage onion, carrots, and raisins in a large bowl.

In a medium saucepan, combine vinegar, sugar, egg yolks and butter. Cook over medium-low heat, stirring often, until thickened and slightly syrupy. Cool. Strain if necessary.

Once the vinegar mixture has cooled, add the mayonnaise, cream, celery seed, and mustard. Stir to combine.

Pour the dressing over the cabbage mixture and toss to coat. Cover and refrigerate at least 8 hours before serving.

Serves 6-8 as a side dish.

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