Belle Meade

I've been to Nashville before, but it was a three-day trip in the middle of the winter - much more suited to going downtown and seeing the sights there. But old houses are sort of my thing. This time was another three-day trip, with limited time for sightseeing. We did manage to go to Belle Meade.  May I recommend the wine? When you pay for a tour, you get free tastings at their winery. Some of the whites are pretty normal, but the reds are downright interesting. They have more fruit wines than I'd expected, and they actually tasted pretty darn good.

We didn't have time to tour the house, but we did tour the grounds. I'd give just about anything to have an arboretum like this one - it's attached to the gardener's house. It's just a little thing, but the floor is about two or three feet under the ground's surface, which ought to help regulate temperatures. And the entire roof is glass, perfect for growing plants.  And the brick. Ah, the brick. I could see myself hanging out in a place like this almost as much as I hang out in the kitchen. Maybe someday

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