Weekend Links

Mike and I spent another weekend in Grand Junction and Palisades, Colorado. Odie had a blast, going to the puppy park both morning and night. And while Mike drove, I finally got a chance to get some knitting time in.


I'm loving this herringbone stitch for a cowl. Not sure I believe that it will only take one hour, even though I am a pretty fast knitter.


April Fool's Day is coming up soon. This is a mean joke to play on the kiddos, but it made me laugh.


Have you ever heard of bottle trees? Apparently they're linked to lots of history, but they're also gorgeous in the garden. I especially love the ones where flowering vines wrap up around them.


Shauna and Danny of Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef were nominated for a James Beard Award. Both their cookbooks are wonderful, whether you're gluten-free or not. If you're into food, and you don't already own a copy of one or both of their cookbooks, I'd highly recommend picking up a copy.

What links caught your eye last week?

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