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I did absolutely NO knitting this weekend ... what a bummer. Instead, I put in eight-hour days on both Saturday and Sunday in order to wrap up a work project.  On the bright side, Mike took me to a fancy dinner Saturday night. We went to Fleming's, which had excellent service, a good gluten-free menu, and a fantastic wine list. Of course, I managed to leave both my phone and my camera at home, and Mike's phone camera is broken, so we don't have any proof that it really happened, but it did, I swear!


Ravelry's hit 4 million members, and they've posted this cute infographic to celebrate. Are you on Ravelry? Let's be friends!


Not that I'm planning on moving anytime soon, but this moving box packing list is pretty awesome.


My tulips are starting to poke up out of the ground and I couldn't be more excited. Only...now it's time to get the veggie garden fence back up because Odie likes to dig in my garden. (What can I say, he's Mommy's boy) How about fencing made out of pallets?


I am on an asparagus streak. It doesn't hurt that it's been on sale in the grocery store, even though it's not quite in season yet. These would take some tinkering to make them gluten-free and nut-free, but I'd love to try them.

What caught your eye over the weekend?

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