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Happy St. Patrick's Day! Pretty sure I don't own any green clothes, so feel free to go ahead and pinch me! Last weekend was another gorgeous weekend. Saturday was a bit frustrating, with my just-repaired sewing machine acting up so horribly that I ended up getting a brand-new sewing machine on Sunday. It was about time, but it's always sad to see an old tool bite the dust. We went hiking on Sunday, too, and didn't do much of anything else. The last few weeks have been so crazy, it was time for a bit of R&R.


It's about time to cast on another pair of socks if I'm to knit 12 pairs this year. How nifty are these socks? Also, how crazy awesome are these sweaters?


This project is pretty darn cool. I did a similar project for the science fair in high school, but this is way cooler by far, and the possibilities are endless.


I'm having a bit of difficulty planning out the garden - it's a mix of figuring out where the best lighting is, and practicing crop rotation to prevent the buildup of disease in the soil. I'm thinking of using bean poles for more than just beans to maximize the available space this year.


I love cooking, I really do, but my work schedule has kept me from cooking every night the way I used to. I'm eyeballing slow cooker recipes like this one to make it feel like I'm coming home to something that's been simmering all afternoon (because it has).

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