Italy was Cold! A Honeymoon Hat and Mittens

I know I've been going on and on about how much I love the Mediterranean climate - and I do! But after a couple of days in Italy, the weather turned chilly. Last week I shared the sweater I wore all over Italy. This week I'm sharing my hat and mittens!

When I bought the yarn for the sweater, I bought a lot extra. Just in case. And because it's my favorite yarn. And I wanted to fill a bathtub up with it, and just sleep there. Or knit with it all winter. Or both. 

Anyways, it's always better to have more yarn than not quite enough. These hat and mittens were great stashbusting projects, and easy plane knitting to boot. I made the hat from this pattern while on the plane to our wedding, blocked it in our hotel, then wore it all over Italy. Ravelry project page here.

I made the mittens from this pattern - slightly altered to fit my preferences, and was done halfway to Italy.

 I'm so glad I decided to make them fingerless instead of making real mittens - I took thousands of photos, so it was great to have my fingers free. And it was really just cold enough that I needed something to keep my fingers from getting chilly, but not cold enough for full-on mittens. Ravelry project page here.

If you were wondering, I also knit the scarves, way back in the day! Ravelry project pages here and here.

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