In Love with a Mediterranean Climate: Succulents Everywhere!

When we went to Italy, the first thing I noticed was plants. They were everywhere! Spilling from balconies, planted in public parks, growing out of walls, on restaurant patios. Everywhere I looked,there were plants. Each week, I’m sharing a different aspect of the plants I saw in Italy. Last week it was plants growing among the ruins. This week, I’m sharing just a few of the succulents I saw!

I love succulents. When I caught the gardening bug, succulents were the only thing that didn't die on my dim windowsill. Now my only barrier to keeping them alive is Odie, who seems to love to tear them to shreds. When a succulent starts to send off new shoots at my house, I have a little party. But that's nothing compared to the succulents spilling out of their pots in Italy!

Some were modest and symmetrically arranged with other plants like the ever-present cyclamen.

Others were squeezed into every available space on the balcony.

This building had an identical pot of Thanksgiving cactus in full bloom, just like this. The effect was lovely.

But mostly, succulents spilled over the balcony like this, reminding me that a Mediterranean climate is what makes them go wild.

P.S. Hope your Christmas was wonderful, and Happy Boxing Day!

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