In Love with a Mediterranean Climate: Landscapes

When we went to Italy, the first thing I noticed was plants. They were everywhere! Spilling from balconies, planted in public parks, growing out of walls, on restaurant patios. Everywhere I looked, there were plants. Each week, I’m sharing a different aspect of the plants I saw in Italy. Last week it was all the places I found plants. This week, I’m sharing some spectacular landscapes!

The first stop on our trip was Rome. Italian Stone Pines (aka umbrella pines) are a dominant part of the landscape, and it's easy to see why! Some were very tall - much taller than the little ones you see below.

Some public spaces, like the Roman Forum, have been extensively landscaped, and were an absolute paradise in the middle of the city. I loved it so much, we stayed until the guards literally pushed us out at closing time!

There were also cypress trees - not just used for cemeteries! They're excellent windbreaks, good at absorbing sound, and are said to scent the air.

 In Tuscany, there were rolling hillsides that reminded us of southwestern Virginia, just older.

And the vineyards - the vines were turning yellow, making them look like the sun.

I was surprised at how gray olive trees are. But still beautiful, and they have me searching for a cold-hardy olive I can grow in Utah.

And then there were the watery landscapes of Venice's canals and lagoons that were full of life yet so relaxing...

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