In Love with a Mediterranean Climate: Plants Growing out of the Walls!

When we went to Italy, the first thing I noticed was plants. They were everywhere! Spilling from balconies, planted in public parks, growing out of walls, on restaurant patios. Everywhere I looked,there were plants. Each week, I’m sharing a different aspect of the plants I saw in Italy. Last week it was landscapes. This week, I’m sharing the plants that literally grew in and out of the walls!

I'm no stranger to seeing plants growing out of cracks in sidewalks, or even cracks in the side of a mountain. That's just what they do. It gets me every time. When we visited Italy, there were plants everywhere -even when someone hadn't planned on putting them there.

There was grass and moss growing in the ruins of the Colosseum.

Moss growing on ancient steps - so flat it looked like part of the step itself.

Ivy growing around ancient, fallen columns.

And even plants finding their way into newly excavated ruins.

Some places, like the Circo Massimo, just look like a huge sunken lawn.

And, wherever they can find a spot to hang on, there are plants growing out of the walls.


  1. I love overgrown ruins - there's something a bit magical and eerie all at once, and I'm always amazed at the tenacity of vegetation!