Bubbly Cowl the Second

I enjoyed making my first Bubbly Cowl so much that I had to make a second one...

Really, I had some yarn that needed using, and I thought it would look good in this stitch pattern. I also made some mittens to go along with the cowl - since I'm always bundling up in handknits in the wintertime, it's nice to have a few matching pieces.

Of course, now that it's nearly summer, these will go in the handknit box for next winter, but I thought I'd document them before it slips my mind.

Odie wanted to join in the photoshoot, but then he got distracted by a bird...

I did have to modify the stitch pattern for the mittens, which were worked in the round.

The cuff is a simple k1p1, and the thumb is worked by placing stitches on a holder, casting on new stitches, finishing the hand, then picking up stitches for the thumb. I know there must be a shorter name for that, but it slips my mind right now.

The yarn is British Sheep Breeds DK Undyed.

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