Kitchen Diaries

It seems like there are so many excellent food books coming out right now. I'm cooking my way through Gluten-Free Girl Everyday bit by bit, I can't wait to read Cooked, and I'm learning how to grill with Where there's Smoke.

Even so, I stumbled across an article about Nigel Slater's writing and decided to pick up a copy of Kitchen Diaries. I don't know how I missed his writing before, but I'm hanging on every word. It's wonderful to know I'm not the only one who gets down when there's no fresh produce, or who takes pleasure in a picnic of odd food on occasion. 

If I hadn't already blown my book budget for the month, I'd have each and every one of his books on order right now. I guess it's a good thing though - I've spent all my money on truly great cookbooks, without a dud in sight. There are worse things.

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