Chocolate Chip Cookies

I know a thing or two about chocolate chip cookies. They've always been my favorite, so when I went gluten-free, that was the first recipe I mastered. I found a decent recipe, and tweaked it over and over again until it was truly my own. (I've even changed it more since then, to add more flaxseed meal.)

So I wondered what all the fanfare about the chocolate chip cookie recipe in Gluten-Free Girl Everyday was all about. Sure, her recipes are amazing, but a chocolate chip recipe is a chocolate chip recipe. Or is it?

There are a million ways to think about gluten-free baking. I'd always thought you needed a gluten-free starch like cornstarch or tapioca starch, or at least white rice to balance out the lower amounts of starch in gluten-free flours. But clearly, I was wrong.

Using equal parts teff, millet, and sorghum (I was fresh out of buckwheat so used sorghum instead), this chocolate chip cookie recipe needs nothing, and I mean nothing to balance it out. It's great. Even though I had to omit the hazelnuts due to a tree nut allergy, these cookies were a-maz-ing.

My only complaint? I could eat them all day.

I think I'll put my recipe on the shelf for a bit and enjoy these.

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