Bubbly Cowl

Mike and I recently flew to Atlanta for some wedding planning with our families...and I forgot to pack my knitting. I don't know what came over me, but as soon as I realized I'd forgotten my knitting, my fingers started twitching.

Luckily, there was a LYS not far from where we were, so I could pick up some yarn and needles to keep me occupied. The yarn was handspun cashmere, produced by single mothers in Afghanistan. At first, it seemed almost rough, but it knit up beautifully.

I made this pattern, which is simple enough to count as mindless, but with enough going on that it stays interesting.

Once it was all done, I made Mike take me to the park for a photoshoot. He really hates these sorts of things - he think's they're silly - but he's always a good sport. Just for fun, I decided to climb trees and make silly model faces while I was at it....

While I've had ample chances to wear this cowl this spring, I really made it to go into the scarf/shawl box for next year...

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