That Time Again

It's that time of year again when my imagination and ambition are far larger than my garden (and the space under the growing lamps, for that matter)...

The valleys in this area are subject to inversion (aka smog).
This is just a blanket of fog, but the inversion is the same thing - just black.

Between the smog and the snow, I went almost a whole month without seeing the sky or the ground. And then it cleared up, gloriously, for a day, then dumped another four inches of snow on the ground. So of course my dreams of living on a small farm in temperate climes are as rampant as ever, and the post-it notes on my seed catalogs defy all logic.

Add to that our plans to move - again - and my head is is spinning. Do I start seeds and hope for the best? Or do I leave it alone, buy starts from the garden center when I can, and give up on the more interesting things that absolutely must be started from seed if I'm to have them?

Decisions, decisions.

Then, I decided, Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead! I went to the garden center and bought thirty bucks worth of seed packets. It's not quite time to plant them, but it's a place to start. I love reading about what I'm growing almost as much as I love actually growing it. Where I'll actually put all the seedlings, I have no idea.

Here's what's in the plan:

I also have garlic in the ground (which I'm really hoping will be ready to harvest by the time we move), and daffodils. 

I'm dying to have chickpeas in the garden so I can make hummus, but I'm not sure where to find the seed. I'm also interested in lavender, soapwort, rose geranium, and wintergreen. Overwintering in my office I have mint, rosemary, and parsley, along with assorted succulents. Like I said, my garden plans are often divorced from any sense of reality or logic.

Unfortunately, it's not quite time to plant or sow yet. I'm quite literally foaming at the mouth for spring. 

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