Pizza Night

Anybody will tell you, good pizza is an art. I'm not talking about the kind of pizza you get from the freezer aisle. Those are just cheap prints, imitations of the real masters.

No, I'm talking about hot and gooey pizza with the perfect combination of flavors. Not to brag, but since I started making pizza on an almost weekly basis, I haven't had a bad pizza once.

The toppings are almost always a combination of something that's already in my fridge or spice drawer. A little bit of this, a little bit of that.  Leftovers? Put them on the pizza. Here we have sauteed mushrooms and country ham. What you don't see is that instead of tomato sauce, the pizza has a layer of roasted garlic, olive oil, and herbs underneath all those toppings.

I'm still in search of the perfect crust recipe. You might have your own pizza crust preferences - everyone does - but I like the fluffy crust. Not the one from the fast-food pizza place. No, I'm talking about the kind you can smell from across the room. The one that's slightly greasy, almost burnt, bubbly, and absolutely perfect. The one that has volume, but also some chew. Until I find the one, I often stick to the freezer-aisle-imitation-thin-crust. I do have one thing to say for it: it's quick, and if I can have pizza on the table that much faster after a rough day, well then it's worth it.

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