It Gets Better

It's been a good day. Like so many writers, I have days where the words flow from my fingers, the ideas swirl around my head faster than I can get them out, and I'm a storm of wonderful productivity. Then there are days where I mean to write, but can't, or don't. Then there's guilt and wondering whether I'm cut out for this.

Luckily today has been one of the good days. I wrote all morning and even lost track of lunchtime. Maybe it's the sun, or the weather starting to clear up. I've been very hopeful today, which is always a good thing. And there have been so many empty days before this one - it feel so good to get caught up.

One thing I've been doing to keep the creative edge up is to take a picture a day. I'm keeping a folder on my computer of hte whole year. It helps with keeping track of memories and is an exercise in honing my photography skills, but it's also a great writing tool. Have you ever thought, That dinner the other night was great, I should write a blog post...but crap, I don't have a picture! That sort of thing doesn't happen anymore. I haven't lost myself behind the lens of the camera like I was afraid I might. Instead, I'm enjoying it, and looking forward to a year of memories without the long dry spells.

It feels great to be so productive, but somebody's not happy about it:

Odie just wants to play! Don't worry, pup. It gets better.

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