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Mike and I had quite the adventure last weekend - we'd planned on hiking all day in Moab, but it was windy and rainy, so we popped down to Grand Junction for a few wine tastings. It was a busy day with a lot more driving than we'd planned on doing, which was fine since it meant more time for knitting! I've been caught up reading the Divergent novels, and am waaaay behind in my blog-reading, but here's what managed to catch my eye this week:


Wool People Vol. 7 is here, and of course I'm in love with all of it, but especially Seacoast.


I'm a little bit sick of paper towels and pre-moistened wipes, but not ready to completely give them up. This is a great idea, though I might use old clothes that are too raggedy for even the thrift store - like hubby's undershirts! Also, I'm filing away this tutorial on how to make a silicone mold. Would be great for soap molds!


This is pretty timely for me - I'm busily working on making the outer perimeter of our garden look appealing for the neighbors (and me). I especially love the last one - edible treats tucked away into decorative plantings.


This salad looks perfect. The end.

What links caught your eye this weekend?

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