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I hope you all had an awesome Easter weekend! We kept busy - there was knitting, errands, yardwork galore, three restaurant meals (more than we normally have in a month), and a movie. And we experienced our very first earthquake - a 3.2 about 30 miles away from us. I heard the porch creak, then it felt like the house was on a wave of water. Mike and I looked at each other and said, was that an earthquake? Wild. Anyways, here's what caught my eye this week:


I haven't forgotten that I've pledged to knit sweaters this year. Right now, I'm plugging away at my socks and a stealth pattern, but I am loving vintage sweaters and sweaters with lace panels right now.


I'm loving the idea of these DIY infused balms. The infused oils would be fun to try in soaps, as well.


I spent the weekend prepping a new flower bed using this technique. I have another (normally very weedy) spot in the garden where I've used this cardboard/mulch technique, and it's cut down on my weeding time substantially. Win! Also, I'm seriously considering sweet potatoes this year, not just for the food, but for the groundcover as well.


This recipe reminds me of a sandwich I used to love to grab at work. Sadly, the restaurant has left the area, so I'll have to settle for making my own.

What links caught your eye this week?

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