Gluten-Free In Moab, Utah

On a recent trip to Moab, Utah, Mike and I decided to check out Pasta Jay's. We've been to other restaurants in Moab, and were impressed with the level of understanding of how to feed gluten-free diners. Pasta Jay's has a card that explains what can be made gluten-free and what can't. Basically, they have a gluten-free pizza crust and keep gluten-free penne in stock.

Mike got the Alfredo d'Madeline - pasta in alfredo sauce with chicken and broccoli. Normally, I'm not much into alfredo sauces, but this one was amazing, and I couldn't keep my fork away from his plate.

I got the Josephina pizza - topped with crumbled sausage and roasted bell peppers. It was pretty tasty, too.

We both stuffed ourselves and still had enough leftovers to feed us both for dinner later that night.  We're adding another tried and true spot to our list of great places to eat gluten-free in Moab!

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