Weekend Links

Last weekend was an interesting mix. I had to work on Saturday, but then I got a massage. I got to garden on Sunday, but then I had to work. Work, work, work, work, work. All I can say is, next weekend had better watch out!


I have one square shawl - knit with laceweight yarn on tiny needles - that took me for.ev.er. But I love it. I've been eyeing another square shawl pattern in a heavier weight yarn, like this one. And this. Basically, if it's Brooklyn Tweed, I love it.


Here are 10 ways to add instant spring to your house. Clearly, most of these photos involve flowers, which is why I love it.


These planters are awesome.


Joy the Baker's April Fool's post about how to be a perfect food blogger was hilarious. I've been cutting down on the grains and sugars in my desserts, but since I can't eat nuts, that means getting creative. This recipe for black bean brownies is next on my list.

What caught your eye last week?

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