Weekend Links

I spent my birthday weekend doing all sorts of things...working, a bit of yarn and shoe indulgence, eating sushi, puttering about the kitchen, knitting, and tidying up the house.  And of course, there was the guacamole and queso fest that I only really indulge in for the "big game," which turned out to be not so big after all. 


I'm still knitting away on those blanket squares (more on that soon), but I'm also starting on a new pair of socks. I'm taking a break from designing my own, and joining in a Ravelry mystery knitalong for fun. We're knitting this pattern. Should be fun, once I manage to get the hang of it. (Note to self: don't even think about trying to start a new project when Downton Abbey and Sherlock are on. Just don't.)


A while back, I got into binding my own books. It's REALLY fun, and surprisingly simple. I do it mainly for themed journals, but it's a great idea for decorating, too. 


My parents gave me this nifty little tool for my birthday.  It's a soil blocker, which will replace the need for peat pots when I start my seeds for the spring. It's still a ways off before I can get tomatoes and peppers started, but I'm excited for starting seeds all the same. 


I've been jonesing for some Reese's cups lately. One little hiccup: I can't really eat them. Don't get me wrong, as of today they're gluten-free, but I have trouble digesting them all the same. (I might just have an allergy to tree nuts AND peanuts...) So, I'm planning on trying this recipe for sunflower seed butter cups.

What caught your eye over the weekend?


  1. OOH sounds like a fun knitting group. What's the link? I'm stash busting this year and may want to join??! Www.thefitknitter.com

  2. The link for the knitalong is http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/knitters-brewing-co-sock-aholics/2834131/76-100#95

    The link for the group is http://www.ravelry.com/groups/knitters-brewing-co-sock-aholics