Getting Better all the Ti-i-i-ime

About a month ago, I made spinach-leaf sushi, and enjoyed it immensely. But wilting the leaves was tedious. I was doing it one at a time, because when you cook it all at once, it globs together, and isn't so great as a substitute for nori.

Well as I was getting ready to make it a second time, I realized I could do it all at once in the microwave.

Line a plate with plastic wrap, and spray with a nonstick spray. Lay the spinach so that each leaf overlaps by about half with the leaves around it.

Microwave until the spinach just begins to wilt, about 30-40 seconds. If any holes open up, simply cover with another spinach leaf, then microwave another 10 seconds.

From here, it's just like any other sushi...fill with rice...

Add your filling...

Roll, slice, and serve!

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