Weekend Links

I spent this weekend getting over a cold ... it seems to be on its way out, thankfully. Luckily, there were plenty of Olympic games to watch. I'm a sucker for figure skating...


Knitting at the Olympics! Apparently it's a group knitting project that the Finnish Olympic team is working on. Awesome! Also, I'm reading Adventures in Yarn Farming.  Two words: Lambie Jammies. It's total cute overload. 


My studio is undergoing some much-needed cleanup. If only it could be as clean (and multifunctional) as this one


While the rest of the country keeps getting blasted with snowpocalypse 2014, here in Salt Lake City we've been getting rain. Odd, to say the least. On the bright side, the snow has melted around my herbs, and I'm hoping most of them will come back in the spring.  I'm seriously considering growing more lavender this season, and looking to this for tips.


Apparently, February is National Grapefruit month. What with this cold knocking me off my feet, I've been downing grapefruit like nobody's business. I especially like broiled, with cinnamon and honey. But vanilla would be tasty too...
What caught your eye over the weekend?

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