Beer and Pizza

A cold glass of beer. A hot slice of pizza, with a wonderfully chewy crust. Sometimes, when you're gluten-free, you just want those simple things.

Living in Utah, it's tough to get a decent gluten-free beer. And brewing beer - gluten-free or otherwise - has been at the top of my "wouldn't it be cool to try" list for quite some time.

Mike's parents gave him a beer brewing kit, complete with gluten-free ingredients. This is a sorghum beer, with some orange peels added for flavor and lightly hopped. After we bottled it, the instructions said to wait a week or two for it to carbonate in the bottle.

We waited a week, and tried the beer - not quite fizzy enough. After a second week, it was just right. A surprising amount of head - usually gluten-free beers are lacking in that department - and just the right amount of carbonation when we drank it.

P.S. - I haven't forgotten about the pizza. We had some a-m-a-z-i-n-g gluten-free pizzas when we went to Italy, and I've been trying to recreate that kind of crust ever since. This pizza crust is Against the Grain, and I cooked it at 450 degrees on a pizza stone. The pizza stone seems to be key to getting that crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside crust...

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  1. Both those things sound awesome!! I can't wait to be able to drink beer again~ I miss having a good beer after work.