Spring Hike - Neff's Canyon

It's solidly spring in the valley, and we've got a crazy little puppy with a bad case of spring fever. We've got it too - we're ready to get hiking again.  So recently we decided it was time to take a hike. We went up Neff's Canyon, and brought Odie along.

His new backpack is way too big for him, but he seemed to like it well enough. Some folks say it's a great thing for border collies - makes them feel like they have a job to do and  the added weight gives them extra exercise. As soon as we get one the right size, it'll be a win-win.

The canyon was lovely, and not a bad hike at all. Odie had a blast, running around us in circles, and we worked on some new tricks with him.

There's still plenty of snow up in the mountains. It looks like the ski resorts might be open all the way through July this year. As the trail got steeper, there was also more shade - meaning more snow. Odie didn't mind at all, but since we hadn't brought poles with us, we decided it was better to sit down and eat our lunch before turning back.

 We had a nice little lunch beside a lovely pool of water. Odie, of course, was very interested in both lunch and the water.  A nice hike to kick off the season.

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