Blood Orange Torte

There's a gluten-free company that sells its sweets at my Whole Foods, and it's all I can do to not give in to the temptation every time I pass by their cakes, tortes, and brownies. And at six bucks for a single serving, they sure don't come cheap.

So I made my own. Using this recipe, but instead of mixing blackberry coulis into the frosting, I took the juice of a blood orange, a tablespoon of sugar, reduced it down to a syrup, and folded it into the frosting. It's darn good, super rich, and has a light orange taste - not unlike the chocolate oranges we used to gobble up as kids.

Mike's only complaint? "You make too many yummy treats and I only get to eat one a day." And this one will last quite a while, since a little sliver is all you need.

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