I know Valentine's Day is long gone. Heck, I don't even like hearts! But when I started this project, I also bought some red sweaters from the thrift store.

None of the pictures really do this color justice. It's deeper and richer than these pictures. But I just had to make felted hearts. For each heart, I cut two identical heart shapes from the felted sweater sleeve, and then sewed them together using blanket stitch. For the first one, I embroidered the outside, and left the blanket stitch on the outside. For the second, I turned it inside out once I'd done most of the stitching, so it was a more finished edge.

For both, I used the trimmings from some of the sweaters - cuffs, seam allowances, whatever wasn't smooth stockinette - as stuffing. I just added the stuffing towards the end of the sewing-up process, and then tried to keep it all in as I finished seaming.

And here it is, yet another pincushion too pretty to hide!

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