First Screenprint

I've been toying with the idea of screenprinting for's my first one:

I used speedball drawing fluid and screen filler. The screen was just a large embroidery hoop and a piece of polyester fabric. Interesting for a first try...glad I didn't destroy a real screen, since they're pricey. This method has you draw your image directly on the screen with the drawing fluid, and then give it a once-over with the screen filler. A once-over is crucial, since any more than that will dissolve the drawing fluid. You let it all dry, and then mist the whole thing to dissolve the drawing fluid, leaving empty spaces for the ink to go through. I didn't get enough screen filler over the design, which is why there are more dots than there should be - the ink got everywhere. I'm thinking the shape of the screen (a circle instead of a rectangle) made things a lot more difficult...

But I'm absolutely hooked. On to try it again!

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