And Now, a Sweater

I've finally finished the sweater. The one that's given me so much grief with the sleeves. Like everybody else on Ravelry, the sleeves were way too big for me as the pattern was written. I had to totally re-knit the sleeves to get it right. Now, they're just right - the fit and the length. I just wish I hadn't taken out as much length in the body of the sweater. It feels almost short. And the ties are a bit long - I have to wrap them around my body two or three times to get it right.  But, on the whole, I'm loving this sweater. I especially love the v-neck, since I've never liked things against my neck.

Where better to wear a cozy wrap sweater than in your own personal library? (Okay, it might be better if there were a blazing fire too, but still.)

The only problem? Which book to choose...

Of course, now it's warmed up and I rarely need a sweater anymore, but I still have big plans for this guy. They just might have to wait a while.

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