When life gives you kale...

...you make kale juice.

Yesterday was oh-so-much-better than the day before. It probably helped that I was out and about, but it definitely helped that I had my morning coffee. The whole juice diet probably does work better without any coffee (especially when the coffee comes with milk and sugar), but it doesn't work at all if you can't follow it, now does it?

Despite the three glasses of "grape juice" of the fermented kind last night at a birthday party, the scale is starting to notice this little project. Not that that was a major goal of this experiment - it's more about feeling healthy and getting enough nutrients - but it would be nice to lose those last few pounds.

Today is theoretically the last day of my juicing experiment, but I think I'll keep going for a while. I'm in between projects at work right now, so it's a little easier to manage the whole juicing thing when I don't have to tote bottles of juice all over the city. And I'm sure my body can benefit from more nutrients.

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