Juicey Goosey

Yesterday, I didn't drink any coffee. Instead, I started the day with hot lemon water, followed by carrot-ginger-apple juice. Both tasted surprisingly good.

Then there was the "mean green," juice from kale, celery, lime, and a bunch of other things I can't remember right this second. That was ok...

And then, there was the "gazpacho juice." Celery, tomatoes, bell pepper, and a quarter of an onion. That one I poured down the drain. It tasted like raw onion and nothing else.  And around that time, I got a splitting headache, which was probably caffeine withdrawals.

For dinner, we had a salad. Solid food. And it was good. I made it the whole day without grains, alcohol or caffeine, but I did succumb to the ice cream (dairy and sugar) after dinner.

Today, I'm drinking my coffee as I write this. I don't think I can manage three whole days of just juice, especially when there's no caffeine. And dinner doesn't seem to be going away, although I'm making a point of making them healthy dinners based primarily on veggies.

It's still too early to say how good I feel, but I do feel lighter, maybe a little less bloated.

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