What Does Shame Look Like?

 Hi guys! It's me, Odie! I've come to beg for your help because these people have subjected me to the worst shame imaginable...puppy mittens! (Except they keep calling them kitten mittens, whatever that means)

 Anyways, it's been really cold here and there's lots of snow, which I think is really fun. But there's a ton of salt too and it sort of hurts my little paws every now and then. Mommy got really freaked out when I started limping, and she looked at my paws and saw I'd worn through the thick skin and looked irritated or something.

 I think she overreacted because I'm a tough guy and all that, but she ran right out and bought me these goofy sock-mitten-paw protector thingies. I'm really nice to her when she tries to put them on me, but I really don't like it. I think it looks ridiculous.

At first, they made me walk really funny, but now I've got the hang of it you'd think I'm a pro at this. Don't tell Mommy, but they kindof make my feet feel better because I don't have to step on the salt anymore. But still, please, come rescue me. Or at least make it warmer.

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