Save Your Pennies, Folks

 Every now and then, my coin jar gets full, and I take it to the Coinstar. Now, I know I should probably be putting that money in a savings account, or putting it towards debt, or at the very least getting a gift card instead of cash (because of the fees). But what I usually do is take it to go splurge. My coin jar only holds about twenty bucks, so this is generally a little splurge.

But this one feels extravagant. Folks, this splurge took up almost the entire contents of my coin jar. That's right, almost twenty bucks for 1.25 pounds of meat. I know they'll be amazing, and I didn't bat an eye when the guy rang me up. After all, it's local (local farmer and local independent shop), and it's way more natural than the crap at most supermarkets. But while I refused to bat my eye, my heart might just have skipped a beat...

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