Fancypants Lamb, Acts One and Two

Remember that lamb that cost me the contents of my piggy bank? Well here it is, the star of two meals. 

First Act: A Dinner's Dinner

The first go-round, I just panfried it all in some bacon fat. That's salt, pepper, and some herbs on plain-ol lambchops. 

 Seared on medium-high heat until they were just right. Deglazed the pan with some red wine, added in some cooked shallots, and served with baked mac-and-cheese and broccoli.

Definitely worth the price.

Second Act: Salad. 

I used to eat this dish made with couscous, spinach, lemon, chicken, and feta cheese. It was one of my favorites. No more couscous for me (at least not wheat couscous), and for some reason I can't really digest chicken anymore either. No worries. 

This is a rice couscous, cooked up with some onions and red pepper flakes. And butter, there's always butter. Throw in some shredded cheese (or feta would be amazing with this) and lemon zest when you fluff the couscous, and then top with more cheese. 

Slice and reheat the lamb in a skillet over low heat. Be careful not to overcook, you just want it reheated.

Spoon the rice couscous over a bed of lettuce, then top with the lamb. Drizzle everything with a tiny bit of olive oil and some lemon juice.

Again, definitely worth the price.

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