Last Bell Peppers

These are my last bell peppers this season. I ended up with far more than I expected - I've never had much luck with peppers before - and hopefully I won't have to buy any over the winter.

The best of them went into the oven at about 450 degrees to be roasted and peeled. The high temperature makes their skins blister, and the meat of the pepper slides right out of the skin.
They also taste sweeter that way.

But when their skins start to get wrinkly, when they're not so firm, the roasting doesn't work too well. Those peppers got chopped into itty bitty little pieces, and sautéed. Then to the freezer to await soups, sauces, and who knows what else.

The jalapenos are still holding their own in the shed, and even ripening to red, so I figured I'd leave them a little longer. But this is the last of my bell peppers for this year.

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