I'm a sucker for notebooks. I have a tendency to buy them without thinking how many I have at home. They have to be cute, of course, and they'd better not have something silly like "Notebook" printed across the front. Of course it's a notebook, what did you think it was?! 

Travel journals seem to have "Notebook" or "Travel Journal" stamped across the front more often than other journals. This drives me nuts, as it's difficult to find a travel journal without those words. So, I made my own! The first (smaller) notebook, I made from a kit from PaperSource (I got the kit in a store, but can't seem to find one on the website). The second I made on my own. The process is so easy, quick, and addictive, it's all I can do to keep from making journal after journal after journal!

I've been keeping travel journals ever since I moved out here. It's a way to plan trips, keep track of what we actually saw, and make note of the things we missed and want to see if we ever make our way back to that place. One notebook has a world grand plan is to consolidate all my travel journals into that one, but I haven't quite found the time for that just yet.

The second, as you can see, is Italy. Mike and I are planning to go on our honeymoon there in just a few short months!  I'm almost as excited to have a nice travel journal for the trip as I'm excited for the honeymoon itself...

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