At Last

I've finally finished this epic shawl. Three skeins of Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace, most of it in garter stitch. The edges are worked in a feather and fan pattern, with a picot bind-off.

There's no telling when I started this shawl. I had several false starts and ended up ripping back a number of times. All I know is that it's been my "travel" knitting for at least a year. The garter stitch was so mind-numbing that I could only stand to knit a round or two at a time. So I'd do a couple rounds, then switch over to something more exciting. But when it got down to the actual patterning, it went like a breeze.

Lesson learned: garter stitch, especially when worked in the round, is not for the faint of heart.  Like me, apparently.

But now that it's done, I'm in love. What was fairly dense on the needles blocked out to be light and airy fabric with a wonderful drape.

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