Introducing Georgiana

I've been in love with dress forms for a while. They have so much potential, not just as utilitarian objects, but also as design elements. I have been wanting one for quite some time.  Turns out, they are pretty expensive. I didn't just want one that was decorative - I wanted one that was functional too. But it seemed like it was always one or the other. So, with limited options and a small budget, I decided to make one.

I started with a cylinder of chicken wire - the circumference was the widest point (for me, the measurement around my shoulders with my arms down).

Then came the fun part - wiggling into it, having Mike shape it (he thought it was too weird for words...), and then cut me out of it. Then twisting the wire back together, and making sure all the measurements were right.

I bought a child's size coat rack at Goodwill, and removed some of the pegs. The dress form hangs off the remaining pegs by way of wire strung through the whole thing. Next came painting the base.

Then covering the form in cotton batting. I could have done a much smoother job, but here it is:

And lastly, a custom-fitted cover. I call her Georgiana, after a distant relative on my mother's side. She also got some stuffing inside the wire cage, as well as bra pads ripped out of an old bathing suit. She's a little lumpy in spots because of the chicken wire, but the measurements are right, and I can't wait to put her to use in making my sweaters!

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