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Happy Memorial Day! I've been planning on a day full of work (womp, womp) but it looks like I might get a day off after all. Last weekend I pulled weeds until I was sore and sunburnt, and then we had a surprise flash trip down to Moab for a little craft fair. Hopefully you are getting to rest up, connect with friends and family, and of course remember the service of so many to our country.


Not that I need another scarf/wrap/shawl, but this is gorgeous. Also, I saw the most beautiful lavender-colored Shetland shawl this weekend, and now I must knit one for myself. Obviously.


So...I totally don't wear gloves when I garden. It's gross. Usually I scrub, scrub, scrub for a couple days after an intense garden session, but next time I'll be trying this trick.


Not quite DIY, but definitely helpful. The dirty on getting clean.  Also, I am very tempted to buy this book, since I vaguely know all the basics about sewing but can never quite remember the details.


Somehow I'm at that point in the year where my frozen and canned supply of fruits and vegetables is starting to let me down. As in, I saved almost exactly enough for a year, which is perfect, but now I can't just grab random things out of the freezer to fix dinner. I can't wait for my garden to start really producing (and for the farmer's markets to start), but in the meantime, foodgawker fills in the gaps with inspiration for what to do with what's left in my freezer. I've been using this site for so long, I forget that people don't know about it.

What links caught your eye last week?

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