Weekend Links

It's been a crazy couple of weeks...work, work, and more work, and last weekend Mike and I went to Moab to chill with some friends. Except we didn't really chill, we hiked in the already baking May sun. It was a great time, but I must say, why is everything sore?

Anyways, here's what's been catching my eye:


This pattern. Everything about it is lovely. Color, shape, stitch pattern...


Don't know what to do with all those herbs in your garden? Here's how to dry them.


Loving this honey body wash. Also, I just finished reading Modern Pioneering. It's pretty much a DIY-gardener-cooking fanatic's dream. I highly recommend it.


As always, Shauna Ahern says it best. Recently I've had some scary run-ins with ordering gluten-free at restaurants. She explains why joking about gluten-free people is really endangering our ability to eat well, while managing not to go off on a rant like I would. On a lighter note, this looks amazing (minus the pistachios).

What links caught your eye last week?

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