Perfect Match

I've been working on a new sweater pattern, that is to say, I'm designing a sweater!  Because I'm just crazy like that. 

Anyways, the yarn that arrived at my door was a lot ... yellower than I'd expected. Not because yellow is a bad color, but because I felt silly for ordering so much yarn without knowing what it would actually look and feel like, the yarn sat for months, untouched. 

When I was finally ready to actually get knittin' I realized the yarn was finer than the pattern I had in mind, and I couldn't find another pattern that quite fit the bill. So I set out to design my own. 

I'm calling the pattern Ducksdown, because the yarn is about the color of a baby duck and just as soft and fluffy (I imagine). 

But I still worried that the yarn was too yellow, until I was knitting it while wearing my favorite skirt. A perfect match. 

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