Hi there! I'm Pamela, and I run the show around here.

I'm gluten free, but there's so much more to me than just that! I love to eat, and cook, and learn about food. I hate politics, but I'm really into food politics. I try to eat local and organic whenever I can. My favorite local food is the stuff I pick out of my backyard, but I'm still obsessed with going to farmers' markets. I'll be sharing all of this and more with you in the days to come.

Life is good gluten free. Even so, I still have Moments. Moments where I'm anxious about the food I eat. Moments where I'd rather not eat at all than risk feeling icky. This usually happens in restaurants. I'll share with you some approaches I use to deal with these situations and how to get back on track.

There's no doubt about it - my focus is gluten free. And I'm thrilled about it. Really. But I also have other passions that creep in around the edges - my boyfriend Mike and my puppy Odie, knitting, hiking, gardening, and traveling. I'll share all those with you too.

Thank you for joining me! You're in for a fun ride!

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