Weekend Links

Another weekend at home, and it was mighty full - waking up at 4 am to catch the perfect sunrise, getting caught up on errands, antiquing, the first farmer's market of the season (!), gardening, and trying a new DIY project. Even Odie's worn out, and that's saying something.

Here are this week's links:


I love this sweater in so many ways...


I saw this in action at a local restaurant (along with the cutest pallet garden). Would love to see something like this more often. Also, I thought this infographic was interesting. Apparently, I should be about 15 years older based on my gardening habits...


I planted a bunch of lavender this weekend, and am already planning on what to do with all the dried flowers. This is pretty high on the list.


I love "template" cooking in all its forms, and am seriously thinking about getting this cookbook.

What links caught your eye this week?

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