Affiliate Disclosure

For questions about this blog, please contact me at pamelasinclairblog at gmail dot com.

The purpose of is to help people balance healthy, sustainable living through recipes, gardening, knitting, and DIY. It does take time to create all this content, so I do accept sponsorships, affiliate programs, and other forms of compensation.

I want to be crystal clear: no money will ever impact my opinion! All opinions are my own, and I do not participate in programs that do not align with my personal beliefs.

My affiliate advertisers include or have included (subject to change at any time):
  • IndieBound

 If you click on their ad or text link and buy something, I get a little kickback.  You will not be charged any fee for this kickback. Unless I’ve reviewed the product and mentioned that they provided the product to me, none of these companies pays me in any other way.

Pshew! Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's have some fun! 

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